Sive Mabuya

Biographical Information
Dark Brown
English/ Xhosa/ Zulu


Sivenathi Mabuya was born on April 26, 1993 in Cape Town. She grew up in East London with both her parents. She has three siblings.

Things changed for this young lady, upon doing drama at school and at church. Three years in she moved to Johannesburg with the hope of becoming a full time actress.

Her first big break was when she won the Maqa Movie Competition for best amateur actors in South Africa, ultimately giving her an opportunity to feature in a local film titled Skorokoro by Phoenix Films Productions which was Directed by Darrell Roodt. Soon she landed herself a small role in an upcoming series by Ferguson Films Productions debuting early 2016. Recently she worked on a short film (Lokshin Bioskop) with the likes of Kenneth Nkosi titled The Ring by Mnet which debuted in December 2015. With no training or management, Sivenathi has gathered some kind of experience enough to have her taken seriously.

Raised in a conservative family, her principles and values of life, remain her guidance. Sivenathi or Sive as she would prefer is a bubbly outspoken young lady who loves sharing her views of how she perceives life and is always curious as to what the world can offer her next.