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Vanessa has performed in over 50 stage productions and has been an active participant in Theatresports since 1993.She is Director of the Market Theatre Laboratory and is a founder member of the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

Triomf - Ma - dir. Michael Raeburne
Catch A Fire - Support - dir. Phillip Noyce
Ghost Son - Support - dir. Lamberto Bava
We Remember Differently - Lead - Johty Mistry
Gums & Noses - Cameo - dir Criag Freimond
A Reasonable Man - Cameo - dir Gavin Hood
Mapantsula Support - Lead - dir Oliver Schmidt
The Native Who Caused all the Trouble - Female Lead - dir Manie Van Rensburg
Forgotten Summer - Juvenile Lead - dir Felix Myburgh

Izoso Connection - Support - dir. Johnny Barbuzano - SABC
Sorted - Support - dir. Craig Freimodn
Truth in Translation
Hard Copy - Support - dir. Jann Turner
Crossing The Line - Cameo - dir. Brian Tilley
Isidingo - Therapist - Endemol Productions
Matiwane’s Gold - Series - Lead - dir Etienne Smit
The Flow  - TV Film - Lead - dir Edgar Bold
The Wind Blew her Away - TV Film - Lead - dir Douglas Bristow
Much Ado About Nothing - TV Film - Lead - dir Douglas Bristow
MacBeth - TV Film - Cameo - dir Douglas Bristow
Hospital - Series - Guest Appearance - dir Douglas Bristow
Senor Smith - Series - Cameo - dir Karl Fischer
Barney Barnato - Series - Cameo - SABC
The Fourth Reich - Series - Cameo - dir Manie Van Rensburg
Suburban Bliss - Series - Guest Appearance - dir Grey Hofmeyr

Over 50 productions - most recent include;
Dream of the Dog - Malcom Purkey
How I learnt to Drive - Market Theatre
Les Parents Terrible (Indiscretions) - Civic Theatre
4th Day of Christmas - Market Theatre
Jack and the Beanstalk - Market Theatre
Six degrees of Separation - Market Theatre
Laughing Wild - Market Theatre

The Native Who Caused All the Trouble; Telegrams from Hell; The Sixth Miss South Africa;
People I and II; Born in the R.S.A; True Confessions; Storytime; Show Me Yours; Cincinnati;
Ain’t we got Fun; This is for Keeps; Four Paces by two.

Meze, Mira and make-up - by Irene Stephanou - Market Theatre
Zanendaba - by Gcina Mhlophe - Canadian Tour
Julius Caesar - Market Lab
The Maids - J. Genet - Market Theatre
Another Kettle of Fish - Sue Pam - Grant Dock Road Theatre
Romeo and Juliet - Market Lab
Telegrams From Hell - Co-written - Market Lab
Is Every Sperm Sacred - Irene Stephanou - Market Theatre
Struts and Frets - Co- written - Market Theatre
Tell Tale Heart - E.A. Poe - Black Sun

1999 FNB Vita Award for Best Support Actress in “How I Learnt To Drive” (Theatre)
1999 Gauteng Arts & Culture & Heritage Award - Development Drama
1998 Nomination for AA Vita For Best Actress in The Native who caused all the trouble (Film)
MNET Film Awards Nomination Best Actress “Native Who Caused All The Trouble” (Theatre)
1997 FNB Vita nomination for Best Performance in a Leading Role for “Indiscretions” (Theatre)
1989 AA Vita Award for Best Actress in “Laughing Wild” (Theatre)
1988 Dalro Best Supporting Actress in “Private Lives” (Theatre)
1986 AA Vita Award for Best Actress in “Gertrude Stein and a Companion” (Theatre)
Amstel Award for Best Script for “The Native who caused all the Trouble”
IGI Vita Quarterly Award Best Production “This is For Keeps” (Theatre)