Julie Strijdom

Biographical Information
Dark Blond
English, Afrikaans, German
Latest Projects

SKILLS : In-house training in radio work since age of nine and in TV work since inception of Television in SA Trainer of TV and radio staff. Executive Producer / Director with multi-cameras and full studio equipment.
Managing and directing all participants in studio, eg. actors, directors, and technical staff, live TV News
Broadcasts. Scriptwriting.

Promised Land - Support - dir. Jason Xenopoulos
Malunde - Support - dir. Stefanie Sycholt
Any Man’s Death - Support
Bopha - Support - dir. Morgan Freeman
Die Seders van Lebanon - Support
Lipstick Dipstick - Support - dir. Willie Esterhuyzen
There’s a Zulu on my Stoep - Support - dir. Leon Schuster

Amalia II - Featured - dir. Katinka Heyns
Zero Tolerance II - Support - dir. Hilary Bletcher
Generations - Support - SABC
Behind The Badge - Support - SABC
Adam - Support - SABC
Bopha - Support - SABC
Die Familie Smit - Support - SABC
Die Ryk Weduwee - Lead - SABC
Die Siel van die Mier - Lead - SABC
Dr Verdier - Support - French TV
Dramatic Encounters - SABC
Going Up - SABC
Heads or Tails - SABC
Honiball - SABC
House of Mankowitz - SABC
Konflikhantering - SABC
Kooperasiestoriess - SABC
Maitemogelo - SABC
Mauwie - SABC
Net ‘n Bietjie Liefde - SABC
On the Road - German TV
Senor Smith - SABC
Son et Lumiere - SABC
Sububan Bliss - SABC
The Line - SABC, Channel 4 & BBC
The Story of an African Farm - Lead - SABC
There’s a Zulu on my Stoep - SABC
Tilly the Toiler - SABC
Torings - SABC
Trans-Karoo - SABC
Tripiek - SABC
Other roles in German, French and British, English and Afrikaans TV series and drama productions.

Artes for “Silhouette” (Women’s programme aimed at community interest and development)
Best actress in “Story of an African Farm”
SANCA award for the development and upliftment of women in SA
Numerous nominations (Artes & Star tonight Awards in various categories of TV programmes).