Samir Randera-Rees

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Samir is a man that straddles two vastly different worlds. Having grown up in Johannesburg, and studied in Cape Town and Europe, he would not seem out of place in the most happening spots in Jozi. But lurking behind that urban exterior is a wild side, in the most literal sense of the word. Samir is an avid nature and outdoors lover, and you are just as likely to find him tracking leopards through the bush or hanging off the side of a cliff as you are to find him sipping cocktails in Camps Bay.  

Samir also has the brain and ambition to match his looks. He got a scholarship to complete a Masters degree in Conservation Ecology (which he attained with distinction), and he is now planning on starting a PhD in the near future. His ultimate passion however is to convey his love of nature to a wider audience, which is why he is now a presenter on South Africa’s longest running nature show, 50/50. 

It is also the reason that he founded his own company, Whispers of the Wild, which is an app which acts like a digital game ranger, allowing safari goers to connect with the wilderness around them.  His ambition is to become a voice for nature, and leader in the conservation field – and his good looks and charm are just two of the tools that will help him to get there.