Bianca Bosch

Acting Profile
Voice Profile
Location: Cape Town | Johannesburg
PRIMARY Language/s:
 American (Standard), British (RP)
Height: 154cm
Eyes: Blue
Driver's Licence:
Additional Skills:
Musical Theatre (Soprano), ballet & contemporary dance, pilates instructor, swimming, yoga

Bianca's journey began in ballet and contemporary dance which snowballed into a love of musical theatre and on-screen acting. Having studied in New York and Los Angeles, Bianca returned home to Cape Town in 2017 to take up her role as Olivia in the award-winning Netflix original The Kissing Booth.

This movie was the most re-watched movie of 2018 and has since turned into a high grossing trilogy.

Off-camera, Bianca hones into her craft, attending numerous International classes with Matthew Harrison & Deb Podowski in Canada. She is ambitious and inquisitive with a bubbly hands-on personality and charming demeanour.


Voice Samples:
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