Dirk Jonker

Acting Profile
Voice Profile
Location: Cape Town | Johannesburg
PRIMARY Language/s:
Afrikaans, English
American (Standard), Scottish, Spanish, Dutch
Height: 182cm
Eyes: Blue
Driver's Licence:
Additional Skills:
Open water swimmer, cycling, guitar (strum & pick), piano(basic), gun-handling (basic), singer (baritone), mime (intermedite), boxing, scuba diving

Dirk Jonker is a Cape Town-based actor and a South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) member. As a professional actor since 2017 he has appeared in supporting roles in South African teleserials Broken Vows and Scandal and has been seen in several local and international commercials. He continues to seek out larger roles.

Dirk has taken private lessons and found other training opportunities to build his skill set. He regularly participates in Zoomprov, an online improv exploration led by fellow MLA actor, Rob Coutts. Dirk completed a Meissner Technique Intensive with Penny Bramwell-Jones and General American Accent lessons with Robyn S. Scott. Dirk also studied script analysis with Janice Honeyman, the highly respected theatre director. He subscribes to MasterClass and seeks out training and information online. Dirk is a confident, competent performer with strong comic timing.

Since moving to Cape Town in 2017 he has acted in several international series including American Monster, historic documentaries about Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. He continues to book work on international commercials. He works as an actor in independent films, while also being an active member of Milnerton Players. His unshakable confidence is a result of years of experience on stage and as a background artist, body double and stand-in.

Dirk speaks Afrikaans and English fluently and supplements his acting income by being a portrait photographer. He registered his company, Real Happy Pictures, in 2019. He is a regular open water swimmer and surf photographer. He is also an enthusiastic potter and a watercolour painter and designs websites.

In his spare time, he puts on shows as a singer and performer.


Voice Samples:

Please email Yolinda Du Plessis at yolinda@mlasa.com for bookings and further information.

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