Jordyn Schaefer

Acting Profile
Voice Profile
Location: Johannesburg | Cape Town
PRIMARY Language/s:
 American (Standard), American (Southern), British (RP), British (Cockney)
Height: 169cm
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Driver's Licence:
Additional Skills:
Horse riding (beginner), singing (E3-E6 (B5 belt), ukulele, dancing (ballet, contemporary), hockey (basic)

Jordyn has been involved in the performing arts from a young age, competing most recently at the World Championships of Performing Arts where she received scholarships from two notable New York-based academies.  Jordyn was selected as one of the top ten from MLA's CALL FOR CAST 2021 audition process for representation.

Jordyn is an accomplished dancer having studied ballet for seven years and contemporary dance for three years. Jordyn has also been in singing tuition on and off over the past 8 years as well as acting training. She has a passion for musical theatre as she loves to combine all of her three major skills of acting, dancing and singing in one performance.

Jordyn is one to watch as she begins her professional acting journey.



Voice Samples:
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