Jordyn Schaefer

Acting Profile
Voice Profile
Location: Johannesburg | Cape Town
PRIMARY Language/s:
American (Standard), American (Southern), British (RP), British (Cockney)
Height: 169cm
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Driver's Licence:
Additional Skills:
Singing (Mezzo-Soprano and Legit Soprano E3-E6 (B5 belt), dancing (Ballet (RAD Advanced Foundation 2019), Contemporary and Jazz (Intermediate), Tap (Beginner), Ukulele (Beginner)

Jordyn is a passionate creative who has trained in acting, singing, and dancing since childhood. After many years of competing in the performing arts and partaking in workshops, master classes, exams, and training sessions, Jordyn was selected as one of the top ten from MLA’s Call for Cast 2021 audition process for intake. Since completing her BA in Visual Communications in 2022 at the Open Window Institute, Jordyn has continued her professional acting journey and is excited for what is to come, having already booked roles in an Indie short film, corporate series, and dubbing industries.

Jordyn’s affinity for musical theatre intensified while working with Bryan Schimmel, Rowan Bakker, and Gemma Marinus, and at the 2022 Stageworx Awards, Jordyn received the Lillian Cross Future Star Award. Jordyn has most recently had the privilege of working in Sandton City’s Momo’s Magical Adventure and she looks forward to what lies ahead in the musical theatre industry.

With her LTCL qualification at Trinity College London in Musical Theatre, experience through professional and student-based performing, and a driven, impassioned, and generous disposition, Jordyn is one to watch as she continues her professional acting and musical theatre journeys.



Home Studio:
Voice Samples:

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