Kahlolo Letlatsa

Acting Profile
Location: Durban
PRIMARY Language/s:
English, Zulu
Height: 176cm
Eyes: Brown
Additional Skills:
Mime, dancing, swimming


Already performing in front of his family at the tender age of five, Kahlolo Letlatsa knew that art and performing was his calling. His deep passion for acting and dancing turned him from a nerd of the arts to somewhat of an obsessed Geek in the community. Doing theatrical performances like the famous Romeo and Juliet and Lucid straight out of college made him known by few as an actor to be watched, as these productions showcased his acting range and ability.

Kahlolo studied acting at the Creative Arts College in Durban CBD. He has also been part of plays that have won awards in Durban - such as Lucid,  that won best performance. He’s spent a decade dancing and mastering his craft and it speaks volumes of how dedicated he is, as he’s collected over 12 competition wins around the country and has always given back to the dance community through his pop-up dance sessions.

When he’s not performing, he likes to go for hikes and or jogging in forests. Swimming is one way he loves to relax. He also does volunteer work at the New Germany mini hall where he teaches children how to dance. He hopes to have his own art studio in the near future where the youth are able to find themselves and learn the beauty which is art through acting and dance.


Please email Yolinda Du Plessis at yolinda@mlasa.com for bookings and further information.

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