Khaya Manare

Acting Profile
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
PRIMARY Language/s:
English, Sesotho, Xhosa
British (RP)
Height: 164cm
Eyes: Brown
Additional Skills:
Hockey, athletics, swimming

Khaya Manare is an aspiring film and television actress who discovered her passion for acting at a young age, performing for her family as a child. Her definitive moment came during a primary school production of Macbeth, affirming her career path. Currently, in the final year of her acting training at the University of Stellenbosch, Khaya aims to establish herself in the industry through representation by MLA.

In 2024, she actively pursued opportunities to audition for Premiere Fees, overcoming her apprehensions. This resulted in roles in two productions: Indistinct Chatter and Spare Parts. Additionally, she auditioned for a play by lecturers Nicole Holm and Andre Gerber, tentatively titled Pending.

Khaya is driven by a clear goal and strong desire for success, characterised by ambition, adaptability and a keen ability to take direction. Outside of professional pursuits, Khaya enjoys spending time with her family and engaging in board games at home.

TOP 13 MLA Call For Cast 2024 intake.

Please email Yolinda Du Plessis at for bookings and further information.

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