N'kone Mametja

Acting Profile
Location: Johannesburg
 Afrikaans, English, Pedi
 American (Standard), British (RP)
Height: 151cm
Eyes: Brown
Driver's Licence:

Approximately 10 years ago, there was an 11-year-old kid that thought

teaching would be fun as a career until she got a taste of what it’s like to be

on television, and yes, it tasted like a peanut butter sandwich because

that’s what she had for lunch on SABC2's Rivoningo set almost every day.

As the older version of that 11-year-old kid, she can still taste it.


N’kone Mametja hails from KemptonPark, Gauteng.  She studied Drama

and Theatre Arts at the University of the Free State in the year 2017

and completed her degree in 2019. In her final year, she specialized in acting.


"I could not see myself studying anything else because my heart lies in

performance art. The thrill of playing different characters, telling stories about

men, women and children alike, and just being a corporeity of art –

I mean, who doesn’t want to do this?"

Inspiring others through the art of acting plays an important role in why

N'kone chose to be an actor. By telling stories that people can relate to and

stir up conversations, and maybe even start revolutions to make our world a better place.

Without art, we’re soulless and with soullessness, comes a dull world that inhales the life out of humanity.

As a noble Jedi said once, “Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness.” – Obi Wan Kenobi

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