Rebecca McLeroth

Acting Profile
Location: Cape Town
PRIMARY Language/s:
SECONDARY Language/s:
Afrikaans, Basic French
American (Standard), British (Cockney)
Height: 170cm
Eyes: Grey
Driver's Licence:
Additional Skills:
Ballet, horse riding, ice skating, synchronised swimming, athletics, basic piano, basic ukulele, long-boarding


Rebecca's passion for performance ignited at a tender age, setting her on a lifelong journey in the world of entertainment. Her earliest pursuit into the spotlight came through her voice, as she delved into the world of singing. Soon after, at the mere age of ten, she found herself immersed in the creative process of composing songs on the piano and weaving lyrics.

Not content with just one form of artistic expression, Rebecca ventured into the graceful world of ballet at the early age of five. Under the guidance of formal training in the esteemed Cecchetti variant, she honed her skills as a dancer until she turned eighteen, proving her dedication and commitment to mastering her craft.

However, her destiny was to be interwoven with the magic of the silver screen. At the age of ten, Rebecca secured her first professional acting role as Gecko's sister in the film Spud. Although the scenes with her character ultimately didn't make the final cut, this early experience only served to stoke the flames of her acting ambition and passion.

Throughout her high school years, she dedicated herself to the study of drama, predominantly exploring the world of theater. It wasn't until after graduation that the true pursuit of her passion for acting on screen truly blossomed. Eager to refine her skills and delve deeper into the art of acting, Rebecca pursued formal training at ACT Cape Town. In the year 2022, she proudly earned an Advanced Certificate in Acting for Film, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her chosen path.

Within the walls of ACT Cape Town, Rebecca's artistic journey took an enriching turn. It was here that she discovered the potent combination of techniques from The Method and Meisner, unlocking a deeper understanding of her performances and enabling her to breathe life into complex characters. Her appetite for challenges led her to embrace intricate roles, relishing the journey into the inner workings of her character's minds.

With each new project and opportunity that comes her way, Rebecca strives to prove herself to be a formidable force in the acting realm, a performer who delights in pushing her own boundaries and seeking out the raw emotions that make us human. Her love for the craft is evident in every performance, and she is filled with excitement and anticipation for the countless stories yet to be told and the connections that are to be forged with fellow artists and the audience.



Please email Yolinda Du Plessis at for bookings and further information.

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