Please read this very carefully so you understand the rules and what you will need to submit for the audition. Incorrect submissions will not be reviewed.

A few general rules:

  • One submission only. Please do not send multiple submissions, you will be disqualified
  • Do not send emails or messages, videos, images via social media – these will NOT be considered as an official audition
  • All correct submissions will be reviewed
  • No correspondence will be entered into at any stage of this process. Please do not call the office regarding CALL FOR CAST auditions or any requests for representation. As much as we would like to help all actors seeking representation, we do not accept any unsolicited communication
  • Please make sure that you include your full name in the file name of your headshot and resume. Do not leave the file named as the original name generated, i.e., “Image1094bfdg4k7.jpg” or “Image01.jpg”

Call For Cast Audition Submission

* signifies a required field

    Do You Have A Driver's Licence*

    Did You Complete Matric*

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