Please read this very carefully so you understand the rules and what you will need to submit for the audition. Incorrect submissions will not be reviewed.

A few general rules:

  • One submission only. Please do not send multiple submissions, you will be disqualified
  • Do not send emails or messages, videos, images via social media – these will NOT be considered as an official audition
  • All correct submissions will be reviewed
  • No correspondence will be entered into at any stage of this process. Please do not call the office regarding CALL FOR CAST auditions or any requests for representation. As much as we would like to help all actors seeking representation, we do not accept any unsolicited communication
  • Please make sure that you include your full name in the file name of your headshot and resume. Do not leave the file named as the original name generated, i.e., “Image1094bfdg4k7.jpg” or “Image01.jpg”
Submit Your Audition

Who can audition?

  • Persons have to be 18 years (before March 31st 2021) or older
  • You MUST be a South African citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa. Unfortunately, this opportunity is not open to other nationalities

What qualifications do I need to audition?

You must have successfully completed your matric year & a certificate may be requested.  No formal acting training required

Do I need to audition in person?

No, not at this stage.  Online submissions only

Where and when can I submit my audition?

Submissions will be made ONLINE ONLY here on our website from the 5th of February 2021 until submissions close on the 5th of March 2021. A template will be provided for all digital materials. See below

How do I know if I have been successful?

A shortlist will be decided by the 15th of April. Should you be successful in making the shortlist you will be contacted individually via email by no later than the 16th of April 2021. If you do not receive an email from us, unfortunately this means that you have been unsuccessful in making it onto our shortlist. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

If I am shortlisted, then what?

Covid-19 may prevent us from live auditions in Johannesburg, in which case we will arrange virtual auditions with shortlisted candidates.  This length of this process will depend on how many candidates we shortlist, but we expect this step to be completed by the end of May 2021

What will I need to submit?

  1. One good quality, current colour headshot (a picture of your head from the chest up)
    • Make sure of good lighting
    • Plain and simple background
    • Don’t wear anything too busy or flashy, no hats, sunglasses etc. – the focus must be you
    • No filters or special effects – your photograph must be sharp and clear
    • The photograph must look like you. Avoid too much make up.
    • No selfies please
    • The photograph must look like you do now, no old photographs
    • Original photographs only – do not send a picture of a photograph
  1. A monologue NO LONGER than 90 SECONDS
    • Choose a monologue you love and that best represents who you are as an actor
    • Your monologue can be your own or from one of your favourite films or T.V. shows
    • It can be in English or any other language you feel comfortable with
    • Make sure it is age appropriate
    • Choose one that is not rude, full of foul language, sexual innuendos
    • You will need to upload your monologue to either YouTube or Vimeo and provide a direct link in your submission
    • Should you already have done some professional acting work, a link to your demo reel is optional
    • A monologue is mandatory even if you have a demo reel and have acted before
  1. A short resume (no longer than an A4 page)
    • Personal details:
      • Full name
      • South African ID number
      • Email address
      • City/Town where you currently live
      • Contact number (mobile or landline)
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Hair colour
      • Eye colour
    • Digital copy of your resume (PDF ONLY) - no longer than an A4 page
    • Please proof read your resume to make sure that it does the best job of telling us who you are and what you have done
    • As no formal acting experience is required to audition, just make sure we understand who you are, what has motivated you to audition and why you want to be an actor
    • Make it professional - No spelling mistakes please

Please do your homework. Google is your best friend with endless videos and content regarding online submissions, auditions, headshots, resumes etc.

Good luck and we look forward to your audition!

Submit Your Audition
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