MLA Announces new affiliation with European agents, ACTORSgarden and ACTORSgarden Creative Agency

MLA (Moonyeenn Lee & Associates) is excited to announce its new affiliation with ACTORSgarden and ACTORSgarden Creative Agency, effective immediately. This partnership is expected to bring new opportunities and benefits to both companies and the talent that they represent, as well as to their respective stakeholders and clients.

ACTORSgarden was founded in Berlin in 2013 by Olgu Caglar, with the idea of representing and promoting talent from different social and ethnic backgrounds. Subsequent to opening the Berlin office, Olgu opened in Istanbul in 2015 and London in 2017. ACTORSgarden represents over 100 actors across their three offices.

ACTORSgarden Creative Agency was established this year. The focus is on screenwriters and directors with a national and international focus. The agency will also give special attention to the promotion of young talent with a migration background, queer and people of colour.

MLA is the largest and oldest actor’s agency on the African continent.  Established in 1974 by the legendary Moonyeenn Lee, who passed away in 2020. MLA is now led by Nina Morris Lee. MLA’s reputation is well known locally and abroad, representing household names such as John Kani, Connie Chiume, Carl Beukes, Desmond Dube, Dawid Minnaar, Nambitha Ben-Mazwi and Fiona Ramsay to name but a few.

The new affiliation will enable both agencies to expand their rosters with some of the best talent in the world and strengthen the reach of their artists in the UK, Europe and Africa respectively. It will also allow mutual sharing of resources and capabilities and benefit from the expertise, knowledge and market presence in their respective territories.

“We are excited to join forces with ACTORSgarden” said Nina Morris Lee, CEO of MLA. “This partnership will enable us to better serve our talent and drive growth for both companies. We believe that our shared values and commitment to excellence will make this affiliation a great success”.

Olgu Caglar adds "Our partnership with MLA will provide greater opportunities and more visibility for our diverse range of talent. Furthermore, South Africa is home to a thriving domestic film industry, world class talent and outstanding locations and production facilities, which are all sought after by international film makers. We look forward to working closely with MLA and building a strong and lasting relationship”.

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