Hope Banda

Acting Profile
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
PRIMARY Language/s:
English, Sesotho
SECONDARY Language/s:
Afrikaans, Tswana
Height: 171cm
Eyes: Brown
Additional Skills:
Hockey, dancing, singing(mezzo)

Hope Banda is an actor, singer and digital performance art maker from a small town in Limpopo called Northam. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with Honours in Theatre and Performance. Before UCT, she spent two years as a student and freelance artist in The South African State Theatre and was also part of the State Theatre Youth Choir.

She has been in productions such as The Crucible, White Noise, Reën Bloed Nasie, Conversations with my Mother, The Tides in Me, Ezemiphefumlo, The Trials, and many others. Her interest as a performance maker lies in using poetic language and music to bring stories to life.

TOP 13 MLA Call For Cast 2024 intake.






Please email Yolinda Du Plessis at yolinda@mlasa.com for bookings and further information.

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