Lemogang Tsipa

Acting Profile
Voice Profile
Location: Johannesburg
PRIMARY Language/s:
English, Tswana, Xhosa, Zulu
SECONDARY Language/s:
American (Standard), Australian, British (RP), French, German, Various African, Jamaican
Height: 176cm
Eyes: Brown

Actor and former musician Lemogang Tsipa was born on May 06, 1991, in Empangeni, South Africa is legally recognized as ‘Lemogang Peter Phetolo Tsipa’ or more commonly referred to as ‘Lemo’. While in his last year at Grantleigh, he was caught between his many passions, he wanted to further his studies but was still undecided between studding music, property development or acting. Instead of going straight to university, the young lad took a gap year to explore the country and hopefully discover what it is he wanted to do. The following year in 2010 enrolled at AFDA, The South African School of Motion Picture and Live Performance, with the sole intent of perusing acting.

He graduated in the class of 2012 with his B.A in Live Performance. In 2013 Lemogang was a film graduate who was facing the issue that most people in the creative industry face, he was qualified and unemployed with the world at his fingertips. Circumstances and his desire to be independent lead him to holding down several jobs to survive in the big city of Cape Town and he would begin attempting to break into the film industry. He didn’t have to wait long because in this same year he was booked in his first international feature film, ‘Alien Outpost’, where he would play an American soldier in this futuristic action film. Shortly after his first shoot he decided to take the risk of perusing his career full time, and by the grace of God he has never had to look back.

Lemogang Tsipa, a character actor is on the rise of his career. Lemogang Tsipa made his film debut in local film ‘Felix’ (2013) and his local television debut in ‘Forced love’ (2012-2016). His first major international supporting role was in, British thriller, ‘Eye in the sky’ (2015) where he played the role of ‘Matt Laver’ the Mission Intel Coordinator. In the same year he also landed another international supporting role alongside Sir. Kenneth Branagh in ‘Wallander’ (2015) in which he delivered a memorable and touching performance. His body of work consists of ‘Alien outpost’ (2014), ‘Homeland’ (2014), ‘Traffic’ (2014), ‘The Golden Rule’ (2014), ‘Cape Town’ (2015), ‘The Book of Negroes’ (2015), ‘Lazy Suzan’ (2015), ‘Jamillah and Aladdin’ (2015), ‘Black Sails’ (2016), ‘Jab’ (2016), ‘Roots’ (2016), ‘Oasi’s (2017), ‘Amandla’ (2017), ‘The Number’ (2017) and ‘The Dark Tower’ (2017). 2017 Marks the year this actor makes his Film debut lead role in, Craig Friemond’s, ‘Beyond The River’ (2017) where he plays Duma, a talented young man who feels trapped by his circumstances and finds himself on the wrong side of the law, he attempts to overcome his obstacles through his journey in the sport of canoeing.

Last year saw Lemo staring in the BBC/Netflix series, Troy- Fall of City.  Lemo is currently a lead in a popular television series, Isithembiso.

VOICE Styles:
Authoritative, Calm, Casual, Comedic, Corporate, Deep, Energetic, Gritty, Sensual, Upbeat, Warm
Voice Samples:

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