Mduduzi Mabaso

Acting Profile
Voice Profile
Location: Johannesburg
 English, Sotho (Southern), Xhosa, Zulu, Shangaan
 Available on Request
Height: 160cm
Eyes: Brown

Many people know him as Suffocate the gangster of's soapie Rhythm City,he has also featured on TV shows like Zone 14, Yizo Yizo 2, A Place Called Home, Soul City, Justice For All 4, Heartlines: Grace and Chicken Biznis.

Mabaso has also starred in various movies among them being Hotel Rwanda in 2004, Catch a Fire of 2006, Meokgo and the Stickfighter in 2006 and Blood Diamond from 2006. Earlier, in 1992, he appeared in a theatre production by the name Divide and Rule.

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