Muadi Ilung

Acting Profile
Location: Cape Town
PRIMARY Language/s:
 English, French
SECONDARY Language/s:
 American (Standard), Cape Coloured, English, Ugandan
Height: 163cm
Eyes: Brown
Additional Skills:
Horse riding, singing

Born and raised in South Africa, this Congolese urbanist and actor sees herself as a tool for stories to be told. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s a fictional or non-fictional one and she sees her art as a form of storytelling.

Northcliff High, where she attended high school exposed her to the art of storytelling through theatre. Even whilst she studied for a degree in the building environment, she was trained to appreciate the power of storytelling as it gives us an opportunity to learn from another experience, and challenge our own opinions and values.

Muadi has a passion for Afrofuturism, stories of the African diaspora, painting and anti-FGM activism.

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