Olwethu Mackay

Acting Profile
Location: Johannesburg
PRIMARY Language/s:
English, Zulu
SECONDARY Language/s:
Sesotho, Basic Afrikaans
Height: 167cm
Eyes: Brown
Additional Skills:
Tennis, soccer, rugby, cricket, dancing(contemporary, modern, hip-hop), singing, rap


Olwethu Mackay is a talented and driven young actor. Olwethu has always had a magnetic presence on the stage, captivating audiences with their performances. With a background in theatre, such as the renowned Shakespeare Festival and FEDA, Olwethu has gained valuable experience and honed his skills in various genres and styles of acting.

Starting his artistic journey at Mondeor High School, Olwethu's passion for acting was nurtured. He showcased exceptional talent and dedication, which led him to pursue his passion at the prestigious National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, where he flourished. This institution provided him with a solid foundation and further nurtured his artistic abilities, allowing him to explore his craft in a nurturing and creative environment.

The prestigious production house, Bomb Productions chose Olwethu out of hundreds of other students who auditioned alongside him to have a leading character in their hit telenovela, House of Zwide. They gave him the role of Senzo Zwide, a character full of personality and energy which forced him to further push his boundaries and develop a well-rounded personality for the character.

Olwethu's love for acting is evident in every role he undertakes. He has a natural ability to bring characters to life, infusing them with depth, authenticity, and a unique perspective. His versatility shines through as he effortlessly transitions between dramatic, comedic, and classical roles.

Beyond his impressive theatre resume, Olwethu is constantly seeking opportunities to expand his horizons and challenge himself in all aspects of his career.


Please email Yolinda Du Plessis at yolinda@mlasa.com for bookings and further information.

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