Saskia Bormans

Acting Profile
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
PRIMARY Language/s:
Afrikaans, English
SECONDARY Language/s:
Afrikaans, American (Standard), American (Southern), British (RP), Dutch
Height: 173cm
Eyes: Blue
Driver's Licence:
Additional Skills:
Dancing, singing(E3 to A5, Chest belt to C5 Mix belt to E-flat 5, Head voice E5 to A-flat 5), swimming

Saskia Bormans is a curious and driven creative who loves anything involving the arts. Since she was little, Saskia performed at any opportunity, which led her to join the part-time department at the Waterfront Theatre School in Grade 9. During this time- she completed 4 Trinity exams, receiving Distinctions. She also won numerous awards for her marks and portrayals of characters in part-time plays. This passion eventually led her to join the full-time department in 2021, where she majored in Musical Theatre Performance for four years. During her time at her college, Saskia performed in many productions. More notably- Berthe in Pippin (Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Performance), Aunt Eller in Oklahoma!, Martha in Heathers, Ensemble- Finding the Light.

Behind the scenes, Saskia has a deep love for designing. This has led her to co-write, direct and design a play that had two successful runs at the Galloway Theatre in Cape Town and The Drostdy Theatre in Stellenbosch. She has designed sets for numerous productions, notably the South African premier of Heathers. Her love has also extended into co-choreographing a jazz duet, which won her the ‘Best Duet Award’ and the ‘Best Novice Choreographer Award’.

When Saskia is not working on a project, she can be found painting, working on her photography, or fueling her life experiences to improve her acting.

Saskia dreams that with her drive and curiosity, she can travel the world, create new and interesting work, and fulfil roles to the absolute best of her ability.

TOP 13 MLA Call For Cast 2024 intake.

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