Siya Mbambo Zenzile

Acting Profile
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
PRIMARY Language/s:
English, Xhosa
SECONDARY Language/s:
British (RP)
Height: 187cm
Eyes: Brown
Additional Skills:
High performance swimming, cycling, running, Tennis, cricket, hockey, basketball, piano(beginner), singing

Siya is passionate about acting and producing. You do not have to spend much time with Siya to realize his optimism; he is a young man fuelled by his passions and dreams. From the beautiful green lands of the Eastern Cape, Siya is proud of being a village cub, although he spent most of his life in the tranquil city of Cape Town, where he developed his artistry.

He has demonstrated leadership skills, intellectual curiosity, dedication, and commitment in sustaining all his major obligations while pursuing a demanding modelling and acting career outside and meeting the expectations of tertiary education at the Centre for Theatre, Dance, and Performance at the University of Cape Town, where he studied theatre and performance, specializing in acting.

Siya furthered his interest in the Music department by completing a higher certificate at the Bridges Academy of Music, where he exposed himself to sound production. He refines his skill sets in film production at the SA Film Academy.

TOP 13 MLA Call For Cast 2024 intake.

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