MLA launches New Division

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking expansion of our agency's vision. In our continuous commitment to nurturing and guiding emerging talent, we are proud to introduce MLA MOONRISE.


MLA MOONRISE is focused on representing exceptionally talented children between 13 and 18. Our exclusive mentorship program is designed to take these bright young actors under our wing and teach them the ropes of the entertainment industry.ย  Our experienced team, alongside established industry professionals, will be there to offer support, insights, experience, and expertise as they embark on their acting journey.

Our mentorship program will provide invaluable guidance to our young actors, helping them navigate the entertainment industry with humility, wisdom and confidence.

MLA MOONRISE pays tribute to our founder, Moonyeenn Lee, who was passionate about nurturing young talent. Her visits to schools across the country seeking new rising stars were legendary.

To launch, we have two young emerging actors joining MLA MOONRISE. Liyabona Mroqoza (13) hails from Umthatha, Eastern Cape. As a student and budding actress, Liyabona's talent quickly caught the attention of industry professionals. Her breakthrough came with her leading role in the award-winning, Oscar-qualifying short film, The Last Ranger. Directed by Cindy Lee and written by David Lee, this poignant film sheds light on the pressing issue of rhino poaching.

Liyabona's portrayal in The Last Ranger has captivated audiences and critics, earning her the prestigious accolade of Best Youth Actress at the Los Angeles Independent Woman Film Awards in 2023. This recognition not only highlighted her exceptional talent, but also marked the beginning of a promising career in the arts.

Ntandoyethu Zondi (15) from Durban, KZN, emerged as a beacon of talent from a young age. As a student at Glenwood High School, Ntando's passion for the arts and his natural flair for acting quickly became apparent. Ntando's debut performance was in the television series Shaka iLembe, which aired in 2023 on Showmax. Ntando portrayed the young, iconic figure of King Shaka. His performance showcased his acting prowess and his ability to embody complex characters with depth and authenticity.

Following this success, Ntando graced the screen once again in Mzanzi Magicโ€™s Red Ink,ย  where he portrayed the character of Sifiso. His performances have garnered critical acclaim, solidifying his position as a young rising star.

We are excited to witness the incredible journeys these rising stars will embark on under the guidance of MLA MOONRISE.

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